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Dispute Management and Arbitration

The firm believes in a creative, proactive alternate dispute resolution process with the objective of encouraging negotiated resolutions. Our lawyers have significant experience in both international and domestic arbitration, mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Our lawyers have acted as counsels and arbitrators in high stake arbitrations and are well recognized as experts in all areas of general and special practice, including finance, commerce, contractual, building, construction, domain name disputes as well as industry and employment related disputes.

Scope of Services

  • Representing clients in domestic arbitrations under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act
  • Representing clients in domestic institutional arbitration
  • Representing clients in international institutional arbitration
  • Drafting of Arbitration agreements, application seeking appointment of arbitrator and/or other interim measures under section 9 of the Act, application challenging the appointment of arbitrator under section 13 of the Act, application for setting aside of arbitral award under section 34 of the Act
  • Drafting of claim petitions, statement of defence, rejoinder, evidences, appeals to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India
  • Enforcement of international arbitration awards
  • Assisting and advising clients in mediation and conciliation