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Joint Ventures and Technical Collaborations

We advise clients on forming joint ventures, and technical and other collaborations in India. We assist clients in negotiations, due diligence and drafting of agreements.

Scope of Services

  • Devising unique and commercially viable investment strategies for the entry of foreign companies into India
  • Creating and implementing innovative and effective structures for JVs including the use of intermediary jurisdictions
  • Incorporation of the appropriate JV entity including all corporate compliances involved therein
  • Conducting a legal and corporate due diligence exercise on any existing entities including proposed partners or investee companies
  • Drafting the investment documentation including joint venture agreements, shareholders' and share subscription/purchase agreements
  • Advising on issues relating to licensing or assigning intellectual property to the JV company
  • Advising the client on human resource laws including assistance in drafting appropriate employment documentation and ensuring compliance
  • Advising on exits including by way of sales, buyouts and acquisitions, including post - acquisition cooperation arrangements.