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About Us

Atlantic Law Associates brings together a team of sincere lawyers devoted to providing relentless and in depth service to its clients. In an era of increasingly sophisticated business environment, we at Atlantic Law Associates honour the cumulative and individual requirements of our clients so as to offer them a full array of avenues focussing on a definite goal—to secure justice and profitable outcomes within a reasonable span of time. The team at Atlantic Law Associates ensures its clients reap utmost benefits from its strategic counsel, efficient execution and innovative solutions to complex challenges, in litigation, corporate transactions, governmental organizations and other business transactions. We at Atlantic Law Associates are equipped to address the needs of specific industries ranging from aviation, capital investments, IPRs, mergers and acquisitions, domestic and international arbitration to banking and finance, due diligence, etc. The team of Atlantic also boasts of a sound and strong criminal practice with respect to white collar crimes and other specific individual issues ailing the community. That after years of experience of working individually the team of Atlantic Law Associates now thrives to provide all the above under one roof so as to assist people and corporations to not run from pillar to post for a sustainable and accessible legal firm.

Areas of Practice

The firm is a full service law firm providing legal services across a spectrum of sectors. In the era of cross border interaction & exposure, a multi lateral yet focussed approach has become vital for identification & settlement of issues & disputes that arise between various players. The focus is on extensive legal research & providing a practical solution suited to the business needs of our domestic & international clients after an indepth understanding of the sensitivity & complexities of the issues at hand. The firm offers the services of highly skilled lawyers having expertise in their practice areas.

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